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Sq Ft Pricing the Same?

Many customers like to use square foot pricing when costs are figured. The main reason for a vendor not to list square foot pricing in their catalogs is that it can be unintentionally deceptive, actually costing customers more than if they just compared the items prices roll price to roll price. Here’s an illustration – read more>>:

Joe Repro wants to purchase eight 54″ x 150′ rolls of material from a vendor. He gets two quotes from two different vendors, who quote him at “only 58 cents a square foot.” Joe does some quick thinking, and decides “Well, since they’re both $.58 a sq ft, let’s find out who gives better service.” I’ll buy 4 rolls from Vendor # A, and 4 rolls from Vendor # B.”

Unfortunately, Joe does not realize that he just paid $21.64 more to Vendor # A for the exact same items he’s getting from vendor # B.

Yes, they are both technically .58 cents a sq ft., but vendor # A is priced at 0.589 a sq ft, and vendor # B is priced at 0.581 a sq. ft.

It all sounded good, but when Joe gets the invoices this is what he sees…

Vendor A: $397.58 each for a total of $1,590.32

Vendor B: $392.17 each for a total of $1,568.68

This may not sound like a big deal, but if he orders 10 more times a year, he has wasted $216.40 in profits for the exact same materials. Multiply this out over the many different items Joe orders in the course of a year, and a little thing like a decimal point really matters. We urge customers to always carry out their math to at least three decimal points when figuring costs. It can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars a year! The math is easy, as shown in the example below:

To get the amount of square feet in a roll… Simply divide the width of the roll (in our example 54″) by 12, then multiply that figure by the length of the roll in feet.

54″ divided by 12 = 4.5, 4.5 x 150 = 675…… There are 675 sq ft to a roll of 54″ x 150′ material!

Next take the price of the roll ($397.58 in this example) and divide that by the 675 sq. ft …

The answer is $0.589 , or 58.9 cents a square foot !

Epic Products prides itself on having the lowest square foot pricing around! We like to save you money! Even Pennies!

If you find a square foot price that is slightly lower that ours on any item, perhaps like it was in the previous example, just let us know and we will be happy to equal it, or maybe even do better! You won’t know unless you do the math!